I am a postdoc in Dr. Lisa Giocomo’s lab at Stanford University studying how medial entorhinal cortex might act as an adaptable substrate to support goal-oriented learning over days. Specifically, I am interested in how organization of spatial information into sequences during task engagement and replay of these sequences during task disengagement might change as learning progresses and might be required for learning rewarded locations.

I recently completed my PhD at UCSF in the lab of Dr. Yadong Huang and co-mentored by Dr. Loren Frank. My thesis work measured hippocampal sharp-wave ripples as a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease, as a readout for input drive as modulated by different interneuron subclasses, and as a marker for epileptiform activity in Alzheimer’s model mice.


January 2021: My newest preprint, Dentate Gyrus and CA3 GABAergic Interneurons Bidirectionally Modulate Signatures of Internal and External Drive to CA1, is now available on bioRxiv.

September 2020: Refreshed this website using the academic pages format, and added several resources and a DEI statement.

I am co-chairing the 2021 Inhibition in the CNS Gordon Research Seminar. All are welcome to apply! Check out how we designed this conference to be open & inclusive.

June 2020: My last name changed from Jones to Aery Jones.

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